#056 – Hospitality Meets John Stevenson – The Serial Entrepreneur

A side of hospitality we haven’t yet delved into is Procurement. In today’s episode we put that to bed. We chat to John Stevenson, Co-Founder of Zero Procure (https://zeroprocure.com). John has a long and illustrious career as a serial entrepreneur with his roots firmly within Hospitality. As always, we get through loads including the weather,… Read more

#055 – Hospitality Meets Ioannis Pantelidis – The Accidental Academic

What do you get when you cross intellect with humour? The answer is ….. Todays guest Dr. Ioannis Pantelidis, Director of Doctoral Studies at Brighton University and all round Hospitality Warrior. Ioannis talks us through his wonderful, story driven journey with such humour at every turn, it was an absolute pleasure to chat with him… Read more

#054 – Hospitality Meets David Hart – The Humble Hotel CEO

Q. What does it take to become a Hotel CEO? A. There are very different paths and today’s guest demonstrates that point perfectly. We got some time with always excellent David Hart, CEO of RBH Hospitality Management and most definitely one of Hospitality’s good guys. David will take the reigns in his role more or… Read more

#053 – Hospitality Meets Andrew Scott – The All Round Hospitality Champion

Some people are born to be in Hospitality, todays guest is certainly one such person. We got some time with the always upbeat Andrew D Scott, Managing Director of Victus Catering Consultancy (https://www.victusconsultancy.co.uk), business owner, author, public speaker and now voice over artist for Sky. We talk about so much including Scottish Accent, starting business,… Read more

#051 – Hospitality Meets Jon Dawson – The Hotel Human Resources Legend

This week, we got some time with Hotel Human Resources Legend, Jon Dawson, recently appointed Group Director of People Development at Lore Group (https://loregroup.com). Jon has forged an enviable career so far working in some iconic hotels including the St Pancras Renaissance, The London Edition and the Mandarin Oriental. As always, we get through lots… Read more