#175 – Hospitality Meets Max Lawrence – Thriving with a Service Focussed Mindset

Up until around 2 years ago, I can’t say that I’d even heard of the company that today’s guest comes from, but when I learned what they do and how well they are doing it, I just had to get him on.

I welcomed Max Lawrence, Director of Hospitality Assured to the show and we get through a lot, including:-

  • What is Hospitality Assured?
  • Knowing what you want to do
  • The privilege of giving service
  • Learning the ropes with Holiday Inn
  • Accounting
  • Fascinating challenges
  • Moving to Independent business
  • Forensics and hospitality
  • Starting business
  • Business Challenges and Survival
  • Taking on a hotel
  • Attention to detail and consistency
  • The IOH and Hospitality Assured
  • Hospitality is everywhere
  • Inverness Airport

And so much more. There are some twists and turns in Max’s story and some things I thought I’d never hear mentioned in the same breath as hospitality. The work that Hospitality Assured is doing is exactly what the industry needs right now and I wish Max and the team all the best for the year ahead.


The Guest

Max Lawrence FIH MTMI, is an Assessor & Director of Finance at Hospitality Assured. Hospitality Assured is the quality standard created by the Institute of Hospitality specifically for customer facing businesses. They inspire and enable organisations to maximise their full potential by following world class processes, customer service standards and enhancing employee engagement. They help all businesses offering a service.

Instagram Max – @maxlawrence14

Instagram Hospitality Assured – @ha_hospitalityassured

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/maxlawrenceuk/

The Sponsor

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