“Can we get serious now?”

It’ll go down as one of the Great Lines from a movie in 2017. It’s from “Sully” (if you haven’t seen it, I recommend you do, It’s a cracker). In movie terms, it’s called a dramatic plot transition. It moves the story from one trajectory dramatically to a different one. It’s up there with “We’re… Read more

Founders in Food & Drink. An Interview with Phil Street

“This industry is the industry of dreams…” Our very own Phil Street’s view, in collaboration with 48.1. https://www.fortyeight.one/2018/03/07/founders-in-food-drink-phil-street/ Thank you for imitation richard mille rm 07 01 reading.

Are you shouting about your failures?

Further to my article regarding “your message” (You can read that here https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/whats-your-message-phil-street/), I got to thinking about my own message and how that affects those around me. I like to think that, generally, my message is measured, I’ll always apply some common sense thinking to pretty much every scenario that comes my way and… Read more