Talent shortage. Answer abundance.

From time to time, we’ll feature a guest writer who we feel as some interesting things to say.  Thanks this week go to James Sandrini of 48.1 for this thought provoking piece. Talent Shortage Thank you for reading.

Why Hospitality is the Greatest Industry on Earth

I’ve worked in and around hospitality since I was old enough to work. My parents built and ran a hotel from scratch based around a motivation to leave the rat race and an identification of an area that needed a serious uplift in bedroom quality. I would plug in when they needed me, predominantly peak… Read more

Energy and the Working day

Every morning my alarm goes off to signal the fact that it’s time to start waking up and get cracking with my day (notice I said “start waking up”, it doesn’t happen immediately with me). Typically, the timing ranges from 5.30am – 7.30am dependent on where I have to be. It’ll usually involve a meditation,… Read more

Your Message

I’ve owned and run my own business for the best part of 3 years now. I’m fortunate in many ways. I have a business partner whom I respect greatly and who brings a different skill set to the table than that of my own. Part of the reason it works is that, for the most… Read more

Collaboration Leads to Innovation

  Collaboration Leads to Innovation A few weeks ago, I wrote my first ever blog post (you can read that here) as part of my commitment to write more content. The inspiration came from attending a leadership event last year. The topic for the day was on maximising your Leadership potential and was run alongside… Read more