#166 – Hospitality Meets Stephen Lowy – The Lessons of a CEO

I can’t quite believe it took me as long as it did to reach out to todays guest, CEO of AES and The Residence Apartments, none other than Stephen Lowy. Being a 3rd generation Hospitalitarian might lead you into believing that Stephen’s route was always mapped out for him but how wrong you would be…. Read more

#163 – Hospitality Meets Philip Eeles – Burgering it up, A Founders Journey

You’ll most likely know today’s guest as Co-Founder of Honest Burgers but he’s been working away on something transformative and has also Co-Founded another business in the form of Pineapple described as “future proofing hospitality through people data and research”. I am of course talking about Philip Eeles. Philip is high on energy from the… Read more

#162 – Hospitality Meets Michelle Whittemore – The Servant Leader

Hospitality is awesome isn’t it? And as if to prove that theory, In was on the receiving end of top class hospitality as I was welcomed to Pan Pacific London to chat to their amazing Director of Marketing Communications, Michelle Whittemore. Michelle oozes hospitality and our chat is packed full of stories and learning from… Read more