Bonus Episode #001 – Hospitality Meets Greg Mangham – The Charity CEO

There are a lot of great human beings out there. Today’s guest is one such human being. We managed to have a chat with Greg Mangham, CEO and Founder of Only a Pavement Away (, The charity for the employment of the homeless, ex-offenders and vulnerable veterans into careers within the hospitality industry. In today’s… Read more

#047 – Hospitality Meets Mitchell Collier – The Rising Star

You may recall that one of the objectives of the podcast was to tell the stories of a wide variety of roles throughout the industry. Well, today we have another guest who ticks that box but not only that brings a story forward of real depth and power. I was delighted to get some time… Read more

#045 – Hospitality Meets Ben O’Brien – The Fresh Food Founder

There’s a movement happening out there, can you feel it? We’re starting to pay more attention to where our food comes from and what techniques are used in their production. Today’s guest, Ben O’Brien, was way ahead of the curve, founding Sourced Market ( in 2007, long before provenance was in the public eye. Ben… Read more

#044 – Hospitality Meets Kellie Rixon – The Trade Body Chair

I really am a lucky pup. There’s so many stories of the different people and roles in hospitality that it will take several lifetimes to tell them all. Today’s guests is an absolute cracker. I got some time with the inspirational beacon of positivity that is Kellie Rixon, Founder of Rixon Associates ( and the… Read more

#043 – Hospitality Meets Simon Esner – The Hospitality Legend & Mentor

43 episodes in and we finally chat to someone from contract catering, although today’s guest has done far more than that. We speak to hospitality legend Simon Esner, Founder at Executive business mentoring Uncommon Sense ( Simon is also still involved with Baxter Storey ( and WSH Ltd ( working with some world leading chefs… Read more