#172 – Hospitality Meets Vaughn Davis – Having an Open Source Mentality

My life are we kicking 2024 off in style!

I was beyond thrilled to get some time with one of the USA’s pre-eminent Hoteliers in the form of the wonderful Vaughn Davis, Managing Director of Dream Hollywood.

And this chat is rammed full of inspirational thinking from the work the outset.

As well as sporadically covering Vaughn’s amazing journey, we get through:-

  • AI & Robotics
  • Roots in Guyana
  • Moving to New York
  • Starting in acting & Modelling
  • Discovering hospitality
  • Hospitality the healer
  • Dropping bars
  • Philosophy
  • Idea sharing & having an Open Source Mentality
  • Using Data
  • Becoming a Hotelier
  • Innovation
  • Space Tourism
  • Using Sports to create leaders
  • Moving to LA
  • Entertainment as Motivation
  • Collective branding
  • The Dream Hollywood

And so much more.

We really left no stone unturned in our chat and I could have quite literally chatted to Vaughn for days. I’m sure there will be something of interest for everyone here.


The Guest

As the Managing Director of Dream Hollywood, Vaughn Davis is a seasoned leader in luxury hospitality, with over a decade of experience at prestigious lifestyle hotels in New York and Los Angeles. He began his career in 2010 with Royalton Park Avenue NYC (Formerly Gansevoort), moving to Dream Hotel Group’s Dream Downtown in 2011. Vaughn’s exceptional vision and attention to detail have led to the successful opening of hotels across North America, collaborating with renowned names such as Dream Hotel Group, Gansevoort Hotel Group, Hyatt, and Two Roads Hospitality.

Vaughn Instagram – @vtothe2ndpower

Hotel Instagram – @dreamhollywood

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