Hospitality Meets… with Phil Street – Season 4 Trailer

WE’RE BACK – Well, nearly anyway.

Welcome to the all new season of Hospitality Meets with me your host Phil Street.  After the all time high of season 3, we’re back with more awesome guests from within Hospitality and some shiny new things including a brand new Sponsor in the form of Rotacloud, a huge thank you to them and a whole lot more on them as we go through the season.

We’ve also got a brand new website now at and we’ve made it much easier for you to find the chats you’re looking for from within our 160+ episodes thanks to the new categories search function.  Not only that but we’ll continue to evolve and we’ll be adding more new things over the coming months.  All this will mean we can keep moving the show forward and bring you even bigger and better guests from within the world of Hospitality. 

Finally, as of 31st May, there will be no more gaps in the seasons and we’ll bring you at least one chat each week going forward.

So until then, sit back, relax and don’t forget to tell all your friends to hit that subscribe button as we’ll be kicking things back off in style.

See you on the the 31st!