Bonus Episode #15 – Hospitality Meets Klaudia Mitura – The Happiness Queen

Give yourself the gift of happiness Today!

With all this sunshine around, what better way to celebrate summers eventual arrival than with a podcast special all about Happiness!

What is Happiness? How can we achieve Happiness? These questions and more were covered on my happy chat with the queen of happiness Klaudia Mitura, host of the rather awesome & Happiness podcast ( – also available on all podcast apps).

It might surprise you to hear that we talk a little about happiness in our chat. We cover:-

  • The realm of happiness
  • Training & Development
  • Springboard
  • The Pandemic
  • & Happiness
  • Learning how to be happy
  • The Formula for Happiness
  • Goal setting
  • Happiness and Negative Emotions
  • Happiness Ratios
  • Anxiety & Innovation
  • Happiness and the wider world
  • Random acts of kindness
  • Genetics and Happiness
  • Happiness Habits
  • Your first reaction
  • The Brain and Happiness
  • Friendships

Klaudia drops so much Happiness gold, This honestly feels like a university course all packaged up into 49 minutes. It might be the best 49 minutes of your year so far, it was certainly up there with mine.


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