Bonus Episode #010 – Hospitality Meets Dan Brookman – The Tech CEO

As I mention at the top of the show, I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to get someone from the world of tech on to chat through their story and journey.

And my word have I gone and found you a cracker!

I chat to Dan Brookman, CEO of Airship ( & Toggle (

We cram in loads as always including:-

  • Seasonal adjustment disorder
  • Dog friendly office
  • Starting as a glass collector
  • Being academically challenged
  • Buying the first business at 22
  • The entrepreneurial spirit
  • The Hillsborough Baths
  • Regeneration projects
  • Experiencing failure
  • Becoming a serial entrepreneur
  • Becoming a landlord
  • Managing family fights
  • The start of power text
  • Starting again
  • Moving into Tech
  • Airship & Toggle
  • The Pandemic as a good thing
  • Speak to people
  • Giving back & Mentoring

And so much more. Dan’s story is all action from the get go and he tells it with humility and humour throughout. He has formed two businesses that are doing superb work in supporting hospitality but how he ended up there will amaze you.