Bonus Episode #008 – Hospitality Meets HospoRow – The Charity Endurance Legends

When I started this podcast, I had no idea what stories I’d uncover. Well, today’s story is an absolute belter!

I got some time with the crew of HospoRow, A 250km row up the west coast of Scotland across 72 continuous hours, all to raise money for Hospitality Action.

The crew consisted of Elsa De JagerPeople & Culture Director at Guest House Hotels, Angus CollinsFounder at Beyond Endurance, Josh McIntyreGroup Bars Manager at Caravan Restaurants and Will David CEO & Founder at Fixture Calendar.

This chat talks through the challenge from inception through to completion covering off:-

  • How it came about
  • Moving from Spain to Scotland
  • The beauty of Scotland
  • Injured Angus
  • Elsa the land boss
  • Putting the team together
  • Setting the date
  • Training
  • The Scottish weather
  • Having to adapt the plan
  • The boat
  • Elsa’s Chunder Plunder
  • The mental side
  • Night 2
  • The support
  • The fund raising
  • Hospitality Action

It’s a packed chat with 4 awe inspiring human beings.

Congrats guys!