Bonus Episode #006 – Hospitality Meets Kris Hall – The Burnt Chef Project Founder

In another of our bonus episodes, we got some time with Kris Hall, Founder of The Burnt Chef Project ( a non-profit campaign and clothing brand operating within hospitality to challenge mental health stigma. Rightfully, this is a topic that is getting more discussion time and I was delighted to chat about this so openly with Kris.

As you can imagine, Mental Health dominates our discussion but we also cover Somerset, a start out of the industry, food wholesaling, food terminology, figuring out how to get back in your depth, coming to terms of with mental health issues, reading the signs, overthinking, seeking help, establishing values, learning psychology, the start of the Burnt Chef project, setting up support services, getting to the root cause, stigma, the impact on business, mental health epidemic, Roundtable, suicide, media portrayal of mental health, starting a podcast, Merch, men v women and the future of the project.

I really can’t thank Kris enough for sharing his story so openly. Please share this podcast as far as you can so that he can continue to build on the amazing work already achieved.