Bonus Episode #003 – Hospitality Meets Careers Hub

In our 3rd Bonus of December (It is the giving season after all), we air our chat with Kieron Bailey and Marcus Weedon who, together with, have put together a monumental resource for the industry. There’s so much content, written, spoken and video, to help hone and better your job searching strategies at a time when it’s very much needed.

In addition to talking about this, we also cover Kieron’s visits to the show, podcast experience, backgrounds, careers hub, why it exists, doing good, job searching, now pause, Phil (Wrongly) pulling Kieron up on words, nowpause, mindfulness, job search fatigue, evolution of an idea, hospitality family, phrases on t-shirts and much more.

It’s a cracking piece of work, vast does not even cover it.


Access the hub here –


Show Transcription

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