Bonus Episode #002 – Hospitality Meets Christopher Moore – The Clink Charity

In the next of our series of Bonus episode, and having just been a little inspired by the story of Mohamed Ali in episode 41, we chatted to Christopher Moore, The CEO of The Clink Charity (, the charity set up to reduce reoffending through the training and rehabilitation of prisoners. Hospitality plays a huge role in this.

In today’s chat we get through silver service, spoons, flying the nest, hotel evacuations, Harrods, 80’s food, F&B for shoppers, overcoming heart defect, training the public, The Clink – How it works!, Success stories, evolution and lots more including, of course, Christopher’s story.

Head over to their website to see all their latest campaigns. The work they are doing is vitality important.

Follow the charity here:-

Facebook – @ClinkHighDown

Instagram – @theclinkrestaurant

Twitter – @theclinkcharity

Youtube –


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