#178 – Hospitality Meets Zoe Watts – Building a Flexible Career

Another treat for you this week as I got some time with the wonderful Zoe Watts, Managing Director of Bennett Hay

Zoe’s rise to MD has seen her take in some quite amazing places to work. In addition to her journey we also get through:-

  • Exploring being a nurse
  • The BHS Coffee Shop
  • Off to Uni
  • Beefeater Restaurants
  • Savill garden Restaurant
  • Becoming a GM
  • The people who see something in you
  • The Royal Society of Arts
  • Tate
  • Events
  • The Adaptability of Hospitality
  • Meetings with Royalty
  • The move to contract catering
  • Bennett Hay

And a whole lot more. Zoe’s got some great stories up her sleeves which she recounts with us and in amongst all of that is a just wonderful career journey so far.