#178 – Hospitality Meets Jo Harley – The People Tech Entrepreneur

It’s Valentines day and so I got to talk to someone this about a subject I LOVE!

I welcomed the quite superb Jo Harley, Co-founder of Korero and Hendrick & Hyde, to the show. Jo was nervous about coming on the show as she’s never had the confidence to do this sort of thing before but she needn’t have worried as she brought her natural, chatty self and we laid into a lot, including:-

  • Brewdog Waterloo
  • Marketing
  • Measures of success
  • Coming to work
  • What good looks like
  • Leisure Management Degrees
  • Cheerleading
  • Greece
  • Working in bars
  • Hospitality as National service
  • Fun
  • Inevitable evolution
  • Korero
  • Resting bitch face

And so much more. Jo is the very epitome of a people person and she brings the fun from the outset in what is another wonderful career within hospitality.


The Guest

Jo is the Co-Founder of Korero, a new standard in career conversations and Hendrick & Hyde, who help businesses become great places to work.

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/jo-harley/

Email – jo@hellokorero.co

The Sponsor

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