#170 – Hospitality Meets Chelsea Lacey – How to win Competitions

I cannot even describe what a total joy recording this podcast was with 2023 AICR Receptionist of the Year, Chelsea Lacey. Chelsea is also Front of House Receptionist at the quite fabulous Pennyhill Park.

Chelsea oozes natural fun and authenticity (Two traits that I’m sure serve her well in her role) all the way through our chat and she’s got some cracking stories to boot.

We get through:-

  • Midweek weekends
  • Making Rota’d shifts work for you
  • The (Genuine) Joy of working Christmas
  • Having no plan
  • Shoe shops in travel agents
  • The Covid period
  • Rejecting college
  • Pubs
  • Pennyhill Park
  • Reception for learning life
  • Pillow Cases & Vases
  • Staring at Guests hands
  • AICR Receptionist of the year
  • World Receptionist of the year
  • Horse Masks

Chelsea’s energy for hospitality is incredibly infectious and I’d challenge anyone to sit through our chat and not have a big beaming smile on their face. Chelsea really brings the joy and fun to our conversation and it’s easy to see why she was crowned this years UK champion.

We wish her the very best of luck in 2024 at the World Finals in Nice.


The Guest

LinkedIn – www.linkedin.com/in/chelsea-lacey-6bbb41113

Instagram – @chelly_bean07

The Sponsor

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