#169 – Hospitality Meets Daniel McLoughlin – Building a Career and Business through Boldness

What a cracker of a chat I have for you this week!

When Daniel McLoughlin (Owner of Rocksalt Cafe’s & Restaurants in Ireland) reached out to me earlier this year to see if I’d have him on the show, a quick bit of research (And some discussion points from Daniel) highlighted what an interesting chat it could be.

And it does not disappoint as we get through:-

  • Early Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Shannon College
  • Ironing
  • Finding your feet
  • Tenacity
  • Vincent Madden & Arora Hotel Group
  • David Connell & Exclusive Hotels
  • The people you learn from
  • James Horler & Ego restaurants
  • Running a restaurant
  • Moving back to Ireland
  • The start of Rocksalt
  • The thin line between success and failure
  • Expansion
  • Pivoting to Take away
  • Boldness
  • Wedding cakes

And so much more. Daniel demonstrates a boldness all the way through his career so far and it’s clear that it has served him well to date. There are also so many great lessons from his journey.


The Guest

Daniel is the owner/creator of RockSalt Cafes and Restaurants. Starting off with a team of 7 including himself in a small 20 seater café, they now have 5 outlets with a team of over 80 and growing.

Website – www.rocksaltcafe.ie

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/daniel-mcloughlin-83797528/

Instagram – @caferocksalt

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