#164 – Hospitality Meets Clare Coghill – Passion, Courage and Connecting with your Surroundings

We wouldn’t have had todays conversation had our guest not reached out and asked if she could come on the show. And I’m so glad that she did.

I chat to Clare Coghill, Chef & Owner of Café Cùil on the Isle of Skye.

And what a chat it is, it’s got everything, a great story, so many lessons and some cracking anecdotes. We get through:-

  • Island life and weather
  • Positive Social Media
  • Being born into the industry
  • Formative years
  • Going into TV
  • London and the Spark for food
  • Moving into the kitchen
  • The first business
  • The deep end
  • Opening your first business in a pandemic
  • Forced return to Skye
  • Reconnecting with local produce
  • Cafe Cuil
  • Gaelic
  • Controlled fires
  • TV competitions
  • Staffing & Culture

And so much more.

Clare’s story is so positive, along with her general outlook and there’s something for everyone in this chat.


The Guest

Clare Coghill is the owner and head chef of Café Cùil on the Isle of Skye. Café Cùil began its story in the heart of Hackney, East London in 2019. Hailing from the Isle of Skye, Clare’s passion for Hebridean produce combined with her Gaelic influences created a unique café space in London that fast became a hotspot for brunch lovers around the city.

Now based back on the Isle of Skye, the café has been reborn in the idyllic setting of Carbost.

Drawing inspiration from the wild, natural larder that Skye has to offer, Café Cùil uses locally-sourced, sustainable produce combined with traditional ingredients to give its own refreshing take on brunch & lunch

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