#161 – Hospitality Meets Phil Howard – A Legendary Hospitality Journey

On a sunny Monday morning, a few minutes out of a busy lunch service, I somehow managed to get some time with legendary chef and restaurateur Phil Howard, Chef Patron of the Michelin Starred Elystan Street and co founder of Notto.

From the off, it’s easy to see why Phil is described as the “Chef’s Chef”, just get him talking about food and the conversation is easy. He has had one hell of a journey to this point and we cover:-

  • Who is Phil Howard?
  • The changing face of the London food scene
  • Getting into cooking
  • Travel
  • Getting a start with the Roux Brothers
  • Harveys & Marco Pierre White
  • Bibendum & Simon Hopkinson
  • The Square
  • Cooking to deliver pleasure
  • Selling up and evolving
  • Elystan Street
  • The Books
  • Exercise
  • The Journey
  • Behaviours
  • Flooded Kitchens

And so much more. Phil’s passion is as strong as ever but it’s his ability to adapt and evolve that I think has made him successful for the long term but I think what makes him truly special is that behind all the success and the “wild ride” of a journey, is a guy who remains humble and open with a true hospitality mindset.

I’m unbelievably grateful for the time that Phil gave me.


The Guest

Website – https://philiphowardchef.com/

Instagram – @philchef

X – @philiphoward8

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/PhilipHowardChef

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