#158 – Hospitality Meets Patricia Dickie – Creating your own job

What a total treat I have for you this week. Hot on the heals from an amazing experience at the Goodwood Festival of Speed this year, I thought it was high time we got someone else from this truly world class venue on the show.

Enter in the absolute live wire that is Patricia Dickie, Director of Customer Experience at The Goodwood Estate.

We get through a mountain of stuff:-

  • The Goodwood Estate
  • Festival of Speed
  • Starting in Bars
  • London’s Gold Paved Streets
  • The early life
  • Down Mexico Way
  • The University of hospitality
  • The Hospitality Community
  • Restaurant Reception
  • Events
  • Accidentally working at Goodwood
  • The never ending Goodwood evolution
  • Working the Experience backward
  • Positive pressure
  • Being where you’re supposed to be
  • The Guest Experience
  • Hairbrained ideas
  • Finding the fun
  • Fitting in Courtney Love

Patricia is all energy and is just a total joy to chat to and it’s not just her story that is epic, her message on hospitality is too. What’s more, she has often carved out her own job as she has progressed through her career so there’s some really great takeaways here.

An absolute must listen.


The Guest

Instagram – @patriciadickie

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/patricia-dickie-50900148/

Patricia Dickie is the Customer Experience Director at Goodwood. She is responsible for creating and launching many of the new projects on the Estate which have included The Kennels Private Members’ Club and Vintage at Goodwood festival, the Three Friday Nights, the fully sustainable Farmer, Butcher, Chef restaurant and most recently Goodwoof, the world’s coolest and most brilliant dog event

The Sponsor

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