#157 – Hospitality Meets Natalie Tait – Moving Through Adversity

What’s the saying? Be Kind because everyone you meet is facing a hard battle. Within the story of todays guest, there was one monumental battle.

I was over thrilled to get some time with one of my old mates, Natalie Tait – People Director at Artfarm.

Our chat played out a little bit like a catch up but there’s a lot to take away here including:-

  • Artfarm
  • School
  • Rejecting college for work
  • Finding pubs
  • Running a pub at 20
  • Changing direction through injury
  • Recruitment
  • D&D
  • Opening a hotel
  • Being surrounded by great people
  • Being yourself
  • Home House
  • Ambiguity
  • Borough Market
  • Seeking help

And so much more.

Natalie is both a force of nature and a force for good within the industry. Natalie is also kind enough to recount one of the toughest moments of her life with openness and humour with some important lessons to be heard.

It’s a compelling chat and I hope you will enjoy!

The Guest

Natalie is the People Director at Artfarm. Artfarm are an independent hospitality and development company owned by Manuela and Iwan Wirth. Artfarm sets new boundaries for what cultural development can achieve. It adapts and reinvents unique sites that come with great stories by bringing together art, community, education, people and place. Artists are invited to celebrate these stories with site specific commissions. Public programmes are created to engage guests with art and locality. The local community is embraced and promoted through a celebration of the culture, customs, food and drink that make each site original.

The Sponsor

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