#151 – Hospitality Meets Natalie Stanton – Confessions of a Food Inspector

Ever wondered what goes on in the world of an Environmental Health Officer? Well, wonder no more (And even if you didn’t wonder, pay attention as there’s some awesome content afoot) as I got some time with Natalie Stanton, Founder of the Safety Expert.

I know what you are thinking, how is that hospitality? Well, quite frankly, the industry of hospitality would not exist without a massive focus on keeping our guests safe, environmental health does just that.

Not only that but Natalie talks so passionately and easily about her topic and we get through:-

  • Home office video space
  • Environmental Health
  • Launching a business
  • Food Safety & Marketing
  • Becoming an EHO
  • People skills
  • Cross Contamination
  • Closing places down
  • Hong Kong food inspections
  • Confessions of a Food inspection
  • Are we too safe?
  • Bacteria
  • Food Hygiene training

and a whole lot more. There’s some awesome stories in here from a life as an EHO but more than that, Natalie is building a fantastic business and resource. For anyone who is interested in nudging your knowledge along a little in this area, I encourage you to reach out to her.


The Guest

Natalie is a Chartered Environmental Health Officer with over a decade of expertise in food safety and health and safety. With an impressive track record in the private sector as a food safety advisor to big names like ExCeL London and as a regulator for various local authorities.

As founder of The Safety Expert, Natalie has created an innovative online training platform that offers top-quality video-based Level 2 Food Hygiene training for food businesses that want to be the best. Natalie’s ultimate mission? To help food businesses thrive safely, without compromise.

Website – https://www.thesafetyexpert.co.uk/

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/the_safety_expert/

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