#150 – Hospitality Meets Mark Reynolds – Looking after world class venues

If you name some of London’s most famous stadiums and venues, chances are today’s guest is involved in the catering operation.

I got some time with Mark Reynolds, Regional Executive ChefLondon for Levy UK and National Vice Chairman of the Craft Guild of Chefs. It’s an epic career which has taken him all over the world, having worked on a number of film sets on his way as well.

We chat about:-

  • Starting in the family pub
  • The army
  • Youngest Sous Chef in Hilton
  • Being a Chef on Film sets
  • Moving to premier league sport
  • Stadium catering
  • Craft Guild of Chefs
  • Life Coaching
  • Harry
  • Building a career
  • Setting standards,
  • The crazy stuff that happens

And so much more. Mark talks about luck a lot through our chat but there’s no doubt he is where he is through graft and a thirst for learning. It’s a superb career and the work he’s doing with the Craft Guild of Chefs is making a difference to the industry.


The Guest

Instagram @regionallondonchef

X – @tottenhamchef

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/mark-reynolds-6911242b/

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