#148 – Hospitality Meets Stephen Trigg – Building a world class business

I’ve spoken about the importance of networking many times on this show and without that, I may never have met today’s guest.

And you are absolutely going to love it.

I chat to Stephen Trigg, Managing Director and Founder of Lauden Chocolate, a truly world class chocolatier, and all round top bloke. I can’t let this pass without a big shout out to Claire Bosi and the team at Chef Publishing for the introduction.

There’s so much to love in Stephen’s story and we get through:-

  • Getting started
  • Passion-Hobby-Business
  • Belief
  • The edge
  • The big break
  • Scaling up
  • Going on TV
  • That extra 3%
  • World Chocolate Masters
  • Competition
  • Chocolate on Mega Yachts
  • Delivering talks to politicians
  • The Tasmanian Devils

And so much more. Stephen’s journey is brimmed full of wonderful lessons for entrepreneurs but also has a lot of cross over lessons you can bring to your own career, whatever you do. Not only that, but he talks so freely and passionately about his story and his craft that it’s an all round brilliant chat.


The Guest

Website – https://www.laudenchocolate.com/

Instagram – @loudenchocolate

Twitter – @LaudenChocolate

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/laudenchocolate/

Passionate about crafting with chocolate, Stephen founded his own chocolate company with his wife. During the past decade, they have won over 40 awards, and are responsible for supplying some of the finest establishments in the UK with their chocolate creations. Stephen’s personal philosophy is to create chocolates that he would enjoy eating himself

The Sponsor

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