#146 – Hospitality Meets Sally Beck – Being Relentlessly Bod

What can I say about today’s guest that has not been said already? Well, let me give it a go.

I got some time with one of the most recognisable names in the UK hotel scene, Sally Beck – General Manager of the quite stunning Royal Lancaster Hotel in London.

Sally’s career is just brilliant and we get through a lot, including:-

  • Growing up in pubs
  • Getting a start in sales
  • Citroen 2CVs
  • Advancing through Sales
  • Stepping up to GM
  • Hosting UEFA (And the creative thinking that won it)
  • Last minute openings
  • Positive Pressure
  • Transparency & Communication
  • The Hoteliers Charter

And so much more. Sally is one of the UK’s most prominent hoteliers and for a very good reason. She clearly cares deeply about the industry but critically hasn’t sat idly by to help improve it. It was just wonderful to get some time with her and I hope you’ll agree, it’s a fabulous chat.


The Guest

Sally Beck has been the general manager at Royal Lancaster London since 2012 and during her time has managed a £85m refurbishment investment programme of the hotel, which was unveiled in 2019. She continues to be a shining light for the UK Hotel scene.

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/sally-beck-mi-fih-20218a62/

Twitter – @SallyBeck66

Instagram – @sally_beck66

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