#142 – Hospitality Meets Adele Oxberry – Utilising the power of Apprenticeships

We’ve got another epic journey for you this week as I got some time with CEO of Umbrella Training and Employment Solutions (and almighty Apprenticeships champion) Adele Oxberry.

And what a story she has, getting involved in hospitality from an early age right through to now, heading up one of the sectors most prominent training and apprenticeship providers.

Adele is super chatty and so we get through loads including:-

  • Starting young
  • The lessons of housekeeping
  • Moving to reception
  • Developing leadership skills early
  • Getting passed boredom
  • Chasing Dust with scissors
  • Moving into assessing
  • Juggling motherhood and career
  • Umbrella
  • What are Apprenticeships?
  • finding the joy in your life
  • Gamification (Who knew that was even a word?)

And a whole lot more besides.

Adele is awesome and here energy and enthusiasm for the industry is there for everyone to see. Once again, a huge shout out to Jo Harley for the introduction (My secret booking agent)



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