#141 – Hospitality Meets Adam Handling – How to run a successful Restaurant

A big hearty welcome back to every one of you and we are kicking off season 4 in style!

I was lucky enough to get some time in the more than hectic diary of rockstar chef and restaurateur Adam Handling (https://www.adamhandling.co.uk/). Not only did he make time for me, but he did it on the day he launched Eve Bar (https://www.evebar.co.uk/) to add into his 3 other amazing places – The 1 Michelin starred Frog by Adam Handling, Ugly Butterfly in Cornwall and Loch & Tyne in Old Windsor.

A more passionate and committed individual you will not meet!

And Adam’s story does not disappoint. As we chat through his journey we cover off all manner of things including:-

  • Who is Adam Handling?
  • Starting in Gleneagles
  • Handshakes
  • Palate evolution
  • Moving to Staging around London
  • Unexpected pathways
  • Hunger & Devotion
  • Go and learn
  • Likeminded people
  • The Lessons of Covid
  • Hame
  • Business
  • Great British Menu – Champion of Champions!
  • Food Fight
  • TV
  • The British Food scene
  • Flag Waving

Adam is an almighty champion of Hospitality and he’s got some great lessons from his career so far. If you have even a smidge of interest in how to run a successful business in the face of challenge, than you absolutely will not want to miss this.


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