#136 – Hospitality Meets Adrian Ellis – The Luxury Hotel General Manager and Industry Elevator

This week, I bring you none other than Hotelier of the year 2022, Adrian Ellis. When he’s not leading the wonderful The Lowry Hotel (https://www.thelowryhotel.com/) in Manchester, he’s elevating the industry and all around him at every opportunity.

As always, we get through loads including:-

– Manchester

– Traveling early

– Taking a year out

– Approaching owners out of nowhere

– GM by 26

– Living and learning the experience

– Rounding off your experience

– Working nights

– Takeovers

– Moving Abroad

– The overseas projects

– The Lowry

– Being opportunistic

– The four year cycle

– Integrating with education

– Engaging with the next generation

And so much more. Adrian’s journey is uplifting and inspiring in equal measure and the work he is doing to put hospitality on the map as a career is nothing short of spectacular.


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