#135 – Hospitality Meets Mark Lewis – The Charity CEO

There won’t be many people in the UK hospitality scene that have not heard of today’s guest, and if you haven’t then sit back, relax and soak up the brilliant journey of Mark Lewis, CEO of quite fabulous Hospitality Charity, Hospitality Action (https://www.hospitalityaction.org.uk/)

Marks journey is possibly a little unexpected (My favourite kind of journey) and we cover off lots including:-

  • Studying English Literature
  • Teaching
  • The Rough Guides
  • The Caterer
  • Travel around Asia
  • Human kindness
  • Transitioning into Digital
  • The Cateys
  • Norman Collier Microphone routines
  • The Humanity and Humility of Hospitality
  • The Any and All of Hospitality Action

And so much more. It’s an uplifting and interesting journey from the outset and I hope you enjoy!

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