#134 – Hospitality Meets Simon Maguire – The Leadership & Performance Coach

I’ve wanted to get today’s guest on for a while (I should have just asked him as it transpires) as I’d seen a few of his posts around on LinkedIn and there was this wonderfully positive and inspirational theme running through his message.

So I was delighted to welcome Simon Maguire to the show. Simon has spent his career in hotels but towards the end of 2022 he opted to pursue a passion, leadership and performance coaching with West Peak (https://www.thewestpeak.com/).

As usual, we get through loads in our chat including:-

  • The first ever shift
  • Becoming part of a team
  • Breaking through the hate
  • Climbing the ranks quickly
  • Fast growth support networks
  • Hotel Du Vin
  • Harbour Hotels
  • Battling with your health
  • Turning the tide
  • The importance of Momentum
  • Seeing hospitality at it’s very best
  • The positive side of Covid
  • Sharing when you need help
  • Taking energy from helping people
  • Fit for hospitality 10K
  • Luxury Family Hotels
  • West Peak
  • Handling celebs

And so much more. Simon has had his fair share of battles which makes for an even more interesting career story and I’m incredibly grateful to him for his time and being so open.


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