#130 – Hospitality Meets Jonathan Reed – The Purpose Driven CEO

I love coffee, I mean I REALLY love coffee and coffee tastes even better when it’s doing some good (Crediting that line with today’s guest 100%).

So I thought, let’s have a chat with someone in the coffee business as lets face it, where would hospitality be without it?

So I got some time with Jonathan Reed, CEO of Coffee Rockstar’s and all round doers of great work, Paddy & Scott’s (https://paddyandscotts.shop/).

This chat is a joy from start to finish as we cover off:-

  • Ambition House
  • The coffee journey
  • Starting in Hotels
  • People & Culture
  • Self Awareness
  • The importance of your health
  • Your purpose
  • Making a difference
  • Paddy & Scott’s, now and the future
  • Going direct to source

There’s so many great lessons in Jonathan’s story, told with humour and humility (my two favourite things) throughout and Paddy & Scott’s continue to be bold in their approach to mixing it up in the coffee market.


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