#129 – Hospitality Meets Di Gwinnell – The People and Culture specialist

It’s been a while since I’ve had a people and culture guru on the show so I’ve rectified that by getting today’s guest on. I welcomed Di Gwinnell, Group People & Culture Director at Edyn Group (https://www.findingedyn.com/) for a chat about her story so far, and a whole lot more too.

We got through:-

  • Portisheah
  • Edyn
  • Good intent
  • Hospitality plans
  • Travelling
  • Starting on an HR Graduate scheme
  • Moving into Hospitality
  • Cross sector experience
  • The people landscape
  • Retail v Hospitality
  • The future
  • Bunk beds in Hostels

And so much more. Di is a natural people person and her story represents yet another journey that stared without clear direction. She’s sure making up for that now and I for one am a massive fan of what Edyn are getting up to


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