#128 – Hospitality Meets Nassar Khalil – The Inspirational CEO

What to say about today’s guest?

Occasionally I’m lucky enough to stumble upon stories that just completely captivate you. Nassar Khalil, CEO of Rogue City Hotels (https://www.roguecityhotels.com/) has a story that will shock you and inspire you in equal measure. There is also a phenomenal amount of learning in here.

In amongst an incredible story of overcoming adversity we also chat about:-

  • Battersea
  • Being Educated in the UK
  • Having discipline
  • Graft, Being accepted into Imperial College
  • The incident
  • Starting again
  • Digging deep
  • Placement at Claridges
  • The joy of teamwork
  • Teams v Tribes
  • The First Management role
  • Becoming a General Manager
  • Attention to detail
  • Qatar
  • Founding a Business
  • Finding the story of your building
  • Expansion

And so much more. I cannot thank Nassar enough for being vulnerable with his story, wherever you work at whatever level you are at, this is a story that really does have everything.


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