#127 – Hospitality Meets Veryan Palmer – The Iconic Hotel Director

Nestled upon a hilltop in a dramatic location is the setting for today’s guest. I chat to Veryan Palmer, Director of the iconic Headland Hotel & Spa in Cornwall.

There’s so much joy in todays chat including:-

  • The Headland
  • Starting as a chalet Chef
  • The Demands of Dogs
  • Cliveden House
  • Moving to contract catering
  • The role of a director
  • Attention to detail
  • Super Grammar Lady
  • Bridezillas
  • The Art of Hospitality
  • The Thursday Club
  • Community
  • Minimum wage for teenagers

And so much more. Veryan has a superb journey to take her place on the board at one of Cornwall’s most shot destinations. She crams in the stories and is also doing some incredible work in her local area which, I believe, we can all take a lead from.

It was an absolute joy to record this from start to finish.


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