#125 – Hospitality Meets Travis Talbot – Hospitality Disrupter

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One of the many joys of hospitality is that it is a global industry, so imagine my delight when today’s guest had his people reach out to my people (I have no people) to see if I’d be up for a chat? In looking into his background, I was thrilled to get him on the show.

I chat to Travis “T-Bone” Talbot (There’s a story there), Founder of Hospitality Arts Group (https://hospitalityarts.group/) and all round disruptor and Hospitality Outlaw, as he wonderfully puts it.

Travis is a joy to chat to and he certainly brings the fun and energy so we get through loads, including:-

  • The origins of T-Bone
  • The Resort experience
  • Cruise ships
  • Working round the role
  • Having a world class mentor
  • The importance of a plan
  • Dealing with the staffing crisis
  • Nightclubs
  • Moving into marketing & PR
  • Casino’s
  • Doing less better
  • Positive Stalking
  • The Stories of Hospitality
  • The bartenders night out

And a whole lot more. We also get stuck into solving the staffing crisis and there may be something new for you in here around that.

Either way, it’s a wonderfully positive chat with one the good guys of the industry,