#124 – Hospitality Meets Greg Früchtenicht – The Hospitality Education Facilitator

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I love a bit of networking, and that’s what led me to today’s guest. I got some time with Greg Früchtenicht, Director of Partnerships at Saira Hospitality (https://www.sairahospitality.com/).

As always, we get through loads including:-

  • Accents and pronunciation
  • The other Phil Street
  • Saira
  • Starting in the pot wash
  • Holiday parks
  • Developing life skills
  • Team connections
  • Nights on us
  • Community and people
  • The Anne Golden Fan Club
  • 2.00am facetiming
  • Values
  • Scams and big mistakes
  • Seeing it all come together

And so much more. Greg has such a natural storytelling way about him and he’s got some crackers all the way through our chat. Our coverage of values is also well worth a listen and should you be looking for some help in this area, we both recommend this tool from those wonderful peeps at Purple Cubed https://tt-evalues.azurewebsites.net/values/start