#123 – Hospitality Meets Pix Ashworth – The Founder and Entrepreneur

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Hosting this podcast has put me in front of so many interesting humans from within hospitality and today’s guest is no exception.

I got some time with Pix Ashworth, Founder of Land&Water (https://land-and-water.co.uk/) and Director at the Watergate Bay Hotel (https://www.watergatebay.co.uk/).

We chat through:-

  • Watergate Bay
  • Marrying into the industry
  • Convenience Cooking
  • Financial Services V Hospitality
  • Jumping straight in
  • Working with masters
  • Active Relaxation
  • Land&Water
  • The Staycation
  • Dogs in pools

And so much more. Pix has a great story, not least because she “Married in to the industry”. Financial Services loss has absolutely been our gain and it’s so interesting to hear another route in with an outstanding outcome.