#121 – Hospitality Meets Andy Aston – The Exceptional Chef & Wellbeing Ambassador

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There was no way I could let you all tackle the cold winter months on your own so I’m back with more amazing stories from hospitality.

This week, I speak to Andy Aston, Head of Wellness & Nutrition at BaxterStorey (https://baxterstorey.com/). Andy and I are old mates but like the majority of us, we let life get in the way of staying connected.

Andy’s journey is extraordinary and there are so many takeaways from our chat including:-

  • Wellness at work
  • The pro’s of looking after your team
  • Being inspired by mum
  • Finding your own identity
  • Find the fun
  • Putting on accents
  • Layers
  • Opening the Millennium Dome
  • Doing the washing up with Stephen Fry
  • Peeing with legends
  • Your Comfort zone
  • Contract catering
  • Looking after yourself
  • Success and the big reset

And so much more. Having been in a bad place at one stage (something he discusses openly throughout) it’s so awesome to see Andy come through it with such vigour and wanting to make a difference. We can all take a lot of power from his journey and he has done some super cool stuff in his career so far.


If you are experiencing mental health issues of any kind, please make sure you reach out to someone for help. You can talk to someone confidentially at the awesome charity Hospitality Action (https://www.hospitalityaction.org.uk/)