#118 – Hospitality Meets Dan Nash – The Brand Storyteller

We love a bit of storytelling on this show and so why not get someone on the show who likes a bit of that himself.

We got some time with Branding expert Dan Nash. Founder of Six Eight Agency (https://www.sixeightagency.com/) and our chat does not disappoint.

We get through:-

  • The weather
  • Moving to Margate
  • Being creative
  • Self belief
  • Being a digital Nomad
  • Discovering the food & drink passion
  • Finding your purpose
  • Self employment
  • Building the cult following
  • Making the world a better place
  • Storytelling
  • Your authentic voice
  • Asian food
  • The Lo&No category
  • Chicken Pedicures
  • Humour and Marketing
  • Building a tribe

And so much more. There’s so much great content in here around brand and building your following but more than that, Dan’s story is incredibly human and I think a lot of us could relate to his journey.

A huge thank you to Dan for being so open and a double thanks for ticking off another one of life’s underdiscussed topics, chicken pedicures.