#117 – Hospitality Meets Simon Drake – The Lifestyle General Manager

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Another exciting career journey this week as I got some time with the wonderful Simon Drake, General Manager of The Other House (https://otherhouse.com/), one of London’s most exciting openings for 2022.

Simon has had one busy career so far, reflected in what we get through:-

  • The Other House
  • Starting as a lifeguard
  • Life at Marriott
  • Learning about F&B
  • Getting some mentors
  • Traveling
  • Bermuda & Island Life
  • Building your experience
  • Labour Party Conference
  • Volume
  • Moving to London
  • Taj
  • VIPs
  • Calling out the bad
  • Going country House
  • Conrad
  • The Mandrake
  • The Covid wobble
  • Cross department training

And so much more. Hospitality very nearly lost Simon and he talks openly about that with the caveat that his opinions about his career and experiences are his own. Having spent some time with him at The Other House, it’s clear he’s found his home again and I can’t wait to see what they bring to the marketplace.