#109 – Hospitality Meets Emeline Gibert – The Executive Development Chef

What do you get when you cross someone who has unbelievable passion and energy for hospitality with with extensive life and career experience. The answer? Today’s guest.

I got some time with Emeline Gibert, Executive Development Chef for Sodexho Live (https://uk.sodexo.com/your-industry/sodexo-live), the events and stadia arm of one of the most recognisable companies operating within the world of contract catering.

Emeline’s energy is incredible from the outset and we get through so much including:-

  • What is an Executive Development Chef?
  • Learning the ropes across all departments
  • Learning English as an Au Pair
  • Moving through the sections
  • Fulfilling the US Dream
  • Moving to Madrid
  • Attempting Dubai
  • Moving to London and settling down
  • Gaining language confidence
  • Learning to balance flavours
  • Sodexho Sport and Leisure
  • Raymond Blanc
  • Being proactive
  • Regenerative Farming
  • Scholarships
  • Practical experience
  • The special Hospitality bond
  • The lessons of dogs

And so much more. I’m just going to say what needs to be said. We need more people with the passion and enthusiasm for Hospitality exhibited by Emeline. A massive thank you to her for bringing the thunder!