#108 – Hospitality Meets Jane Sunley – The Proper People Person

Today we bring you the superstar that is Jane Sunley, Founder and CEO of Purple Cubed (https://purplecubed.com/).

As always, we get through loads including:-

  • Humble beginnings
  • Being the naughty one
  • Being spurred on by negativity
  • Becoming a manager
  • Moving to Reading
  • London
  • Starting in contract catering
  • Setting up a temp agency
  • Purpled Cubed
  • Culture
  • Book writing
  • Shenanigans in the dry store

And so much more.

Jane is one of the most recognisable humans in hospitality and has an epic story from start to finish, told with humour and humility. I guarantee you’ll take massive value from our conversation.