#104 – Hospitality Meets Danny Pecorelli – The Hotel Titan

I was so happy to get some time with todays guest, one of the most recognisable names in the Hotel industry, none other than Danny Pecorelli, MD of Exclusive Collection (https://www.exclusive.co.uk).

Danny is a 2nd generation hotelier but as we find out, that didn’t necessarily translate into a clear path being formed for him as he took time to forge his own career and capability.

This chat is rammed full of useful stuff from start to finish including:-

  • Danny – the man, the Mystery
  • Staying busy
  • Being a 2nd generation hotelier
  • Finding your own path
  • Making sandwiches
  • The Savoy Training program
  • Working in a convention hotel
  • Cornell School
  • Golf
  • Detail
  • The glory of Hospitality
  • People
  • B-Corp
  • Giving back
  • The Future
  • Evolution
  • Monstrous Wedding cakes
  • Jonny Wilkinson & Cameron Diaz

And so much more.

Danny’s story is everything you’d hope it would be but in many ways it still sounds like he’s at the beginning of an epic journey.