#103 – Hospitality Meets Kerth Gumbs – The Creative Culinary Maestro

Ever since I saw today’s guest on BBC 2’s Great British Menu in 2020, I knew I wanted to get some time with him on the show.

Now Head Chef at Boiler & Co (https://boilerandco.com), Kerth Gumbs is everything you hope for in a chef working in Hospitality. No doubt he brings the flair and creativity but more importantly, he brings just a wonderful zest and passion for what he does that it’s incredibly infectious, and we definitely need more of that.

We get through loads including:-

  • Spring
  • Boiler & Co
  • Growing up in the Caribbean
  • Let me knows Pizza
  • Starting in front of house
  • Excelling at Track & Field
  • Moving to the UK
  • Walking and Running around London
  • Le Cordon Bleu
  • The first foray into Michelin Kitchens
  • Learning resilience
  • Shoulder pressing
  • Learning French
  • Diversifying the knowledge base
  • Leadership
  • Great British Menu Experience
  • Dreams about chocolate

And so much more. There’s some excellent learning in here all the way through but expecially around resilience and the amazing things that await you if you keep pushing through.