#100 – Hospitality Meets… with Phil Street – The Best of Season One

It has arrived. I can’t quite believe we got here but episode 100 has landed!

And to do something a little bit different, I’ve taken a look back at some of the best stories from season one (The longest ever season on any show in any format no doubt).

There’s some crackers in here:-

  • First day mistakes – Jon Dawson
  • Gnomes being stolen – Anne Golden
  • Getting the “Craic” with Arnold Schwarzenegger – Shane McHugh
  • Being Thrown in Jail – Debra Ward
  • Bob Geldof impressions – Phil Street
  • Guests making mistakes – Jose Ruiz
  • Doing orientation whilst drenched – Eugenio Pirri
  • Working with Giorgio Armani – Marc Dardenne

Amongst many others. Notwithstanding all the amazing stories I just didn’t have time to put in.

This also marks the end of season one and I’m off to take a break for a couple of months but don’t worry, like James Bond, Hospitality Meets… with Phil Street will return.

Keep an eye out on all our socials for announcements as to when that will happen but thank you to everyone who has listened in so far. It really does mean a lot.

And a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who agreed to come on the show and chat. There’s no show without your generosity.

Have a truly awesome Christmas and New Year and see you all in 2022.

My Warmest