#093 – Hospitality Meets Mark Fenelon – The Hostel CEO

I was thrilled to get some time with todays guest, Mark Fenelon, CEO of Clink Hostels (https://www.clinkhostels.com/). Not just to chat to someone from within another sector of hospitality that we have not yet covered, but also because Mark’s Journey to CEO of the company is not your average, every day route.

We get through loads including:-

  • The Hostel experience
  • Australia
  • The change of standards
  • The rise and rise of the hostel sector
  • Relationship facilitation
  • Bcorp
  • Covid – the experience inhibitor
  • Shut up and listen
  • Rewarding volunteers
  • Being socially responsible
  • Marginal gains
  • Finding your passion
  • The potential of the hostel sector
  • Guest experience
  • Lisbon
  • Diversity & Inclusion

And so much more.

Mark sounds very comfortable in his own skin and has clearly found a sector where he feels at home. I for one am excited about the growth potential of this sector along with the great work that Mark and his teams are doing around B corp accreditation.