#092 – Hospitality Meets Jim knight – Culture Icon and Author of Leadership that Rocks

Time spent with today’s guest is time well spent indeed!

I once again got Jim Knight back on the show to chat about his recently released “Leadership That Rocks” (Available herehttps://www.knightspeaker.com/product-page/rock-n-roll-with-it). Jim is a previously published author and Public Speaker extraordinaire around Leadership and Culture and is a special friend of the show.

We get through:-

  • Florida
  • Covid in the USA
  • Changing culture
  • Music
  • Ideas inspiration
  • Book writing
  • Gaining more leaders
  • Learning
  • Hiring Rock stars
  • Life happening for you
  • Shrek
  • Jim & Brantisms
  • Ted v Ted
  • Not muscling results
  • Mentoring
  • Respect
  • Jim’s future books

And so much more! Jim is incredibly comfortable chatting about this topic and I do my level best to keep up with him. He chats with passion and knowledge all the way through and you are sure to take away some absolute golden nuggets.

I’m eternally grateful to Jim for his time.