#088 – Hospitality Meets Benjamin Drury – The Culture Guy

Ahhhhhh Culture. What is it? How do we achieve a good one? All this and more when we got some time with today’s guest, Benjamin Drury AKA the Culture Guy!

As you might expect, there’s a lot of chat around culture but a whole lot more too including:-

  • Receiving Parcels
  • The Culture Guy
  • The Inner workings of a company
  • What is Culture?
  • Creating Cult like status
  • Values
  • Sanity check
  • Trust
  • Hiring for cultural contribution
  • Simplifying business
  • Bringing the emotion
  • Job Adverts
  • Creating a safe space for mistakes
  • The Legacy impact challenge
  • Changing the world

Benjamin talks with such passion and energy from start to finish, it’s difficult not to feel uplifted so if you are thinking about getting the culture in your business nailed down, then have a listen and engage with Benjamin to fill in the rest.