#087 – Hospitality Meets Ian Wynne-Smythe – The Cruise Line Veteran

I am so delighted to unleash this weeks chat to you all as I got some time with one of my early career mentors, Ian Wynne-Smythe or as I affectionately know him, Sir Winnifred of Smythe.

Sir Winnifred is a veteran of the cruise world having forged a 30+ year career on board. We chat through his career and get through a lot including:-

  • Names
  • Covid and Cruising
  • The Isle of Mann
  • Careers advice
  • Starting in the arts
  • From Bursar to Purser
  • Leaders who remain quiet
  • Balancing your float
  • Discovering the leader you want to be
  • Ship rumours
  • Greg “The Printer”
  • Humble ship beginnings
  • Counting money
  • The training ground of reception
  • Dealing with immigration
  • Tiny Statue of Liberty
  • Nine Eleven on a cruise ship
  • The origins of “Set in Stone”

And so much more. There is so much humour throughout this chat and I was grateful to Ian for the time afforded. I hope you enjoy.